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Blog: The Power of Group Training

Last week, I was scrolling through LinkedIn and saw a powerful ad. Perhaps you’ve seen it as well. The ad was paid for by Mercedes-Benz and displayed an image of a BMW grill and logo with a statement reading “thanks for 100 years of competition”.

BMW and Mercedes are two of the biggest names in the luxury car market, aren’t they supposed to be rivals? They are. But their commitment to excellence pushed the other to constantly improve. If it wasn’t for BMW, Mercedes-Benz wouldn’t be as powerful as they are today (and vice versa).

Well, we can use this same analogy to help us improve ourselves.

Let’s be honest, there’s probably at least 1 person (probably more) in your bootcamp class that you really look up to and say “wow that person is really fit”. When people notice someone who’s at a different fitness level than them, there’s usually one of two things that come to mind:

1) “I wish I was like that”. “I’ll never get there”. “He/she just has good genetics”. “He/she has more free time than me”. “He/she has more money to spend on being healthy”.


2) “I respect the hell out of that person, and will use them as inspiration to improve myself”.

BMW and Mercedes fed off of eachother using the #2 mindset, and you should too.

Here’s the thing about those people that you see who are in great shape. They ALL work extremely hard and they have high standards for themselves. Spend some time with them, and you’ll know what I mean.

People often say to me “I wish I had *insert persons* arms or *insert persons* abs”, yet they don’t have the work ethic or consistency required to get to that level.

So look at the person next to you during bootcamp. If they’re at a higher level than you, use that as inspiration. They will make you better just by you elevating your standards to that level. And remember on your down days that there might be people next to you who are inspired by what you’re doing.