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2880 Argentia Road Unit #4 (Near 401/Winston Churchill)  Click HERE for Google Map
8 Classes Per Day Monday-Friday

Our metabolic training program is the most effective way to get you in the best shape of your life FAST. Apply for your free consultation and see how Breakthrough Bootcamp can help you achieve your goals..

Are You Sick Of...

  • Constantly feeling out of shape and self-conscious about your body?
  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed at the gym?
  • Exercising and dieting but STILL seeing no results?
  • Gyms and bootcamps that are super intimidating?

If so, then Breakthrough Bootcamp is perfect for you!! We have a uniquely designed program that caters to members of ALL fitness levels and melts fat faster and safer than anywhere you've been before.

The secret is a mixture of strength, cardio, and addictive challenges that drives individuals to SHATTER their old plateaus.

Our members are incredibly positive and you will be in an environment that constantly supports each other. Soon, all of your friends will be asking you how the heck you got in such great shape!

What You Can Expect in Just One Month...

  • Lose 5-15 pounds of unwanted FAT
  • Drop 1-3 dress sizes
  • Lose several inches off of your waist
  • 'Tighten' up your body with that tone you've always been looking for
  • Firm up your stomach, hips, thighs, and arms
  • Increase in energy, sleep, and self-confidence
  • FINALLY put you in control of how you look and feel

What You Get...

  • Up to 5 classes per week
  • Unlimited nutrition support
  • Complimentary assessment with body fat analysis
  • Unlimited equipment (battle ropes, dumbbells, med balls, swiss balls, and much more!)

To Qualify, You Must...

  • Have the motivation to challenge yourself daily and consistently
  • Be willing to follow our successfully proven program
  • Have a positive attitude and be supportive of all members

You have nothing to lose! If you follow our program correctly, we GUARANTEE results. Now hurry up and submit your interest below. Spots are limited and we expect this promo to sell out fast!!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

  • New members only
  • Photos/videos may be taken in class. You acknowledge that your picture may appear on one of our social media outlets.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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