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Blog: The Nature of Plateaus

I remember as a young kid in elementary school, I used to get good grades consistently. I knew the amount of effort required to generate that result.

Going in to high school, I stuck with the same effort level. After 4 years, my grades slipped a little bit but they were still good enough to get me in to the university of my choice.

In university, I maintained that same work ethic and BOMBED my first few exams.


I hit a plateau. That same method that worked for me all my life was no longer working. The only way I was going to graduate university was if I changed some my routine.

This same phenomenon happens with our bodies (regardless of our goals).

Any initial surge of effort and commitment will likely yield results with your body. Depending on your genetics, these results can continue for a long time with that same effort.

But eventually, you’ll hit a plateau. We all do.

Instead of being upset, you should be proud. Plateaus are good. Plateaus mean that you have reached a new level. You’re stronger, faster, and leaner than you were before.

But now you’re playing with the big boys. Your standards have been raised. You’re up against smarter university students and harder exams.

So if you want to break through that plateau, you HAVE to do something different. Sometimes it’s a small change, often times it’s a big change. What works for someone may not work for another.

So you’ve hit a plateau? You’re almost in the big leagues now. Step your game up.