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Blog: 5 Reasons You Never Hit Your Fitness Goals

How often do you plan on starting up a new ‘healthy lifestyle’? Chances are, you’ve tried and failed many times. I’ve noticed 5 main reasons why people can’t seem to reach their fitness goals. If one or more of these applies to you, then be ready to tackle it head on!

1) You have no plan: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Right? Saying “I’ll start working out” or “I’ll start eating healthy” is vague and ambiguous. You should know exactly what type of exercise program you’ll be doing, and the type of ‘healthy eating’ you’ll be enjoying as well. How many days per week? Who is your support system? How can you re-assess, and when? Have a plan!

2) Goal is short-term: If your only goal is a short-term goal, you’re doomed to fail in the long-run. People who only make short term goals (ie. I want to be more toned for my wedding) tend to yo-yo with their fitness results all their life. Start by setting long-term goals, and from there you can think of short-term goals that help you get to where you want to be.

3) Looking for short cuts: Being truly fit is a life-long dedication and takes years of hard work and consistency. If you’re expecting to get your dream body in 30 days, think again. Don’t fall for products or services that promise crazy fast results. Invest quality time and effort in to your transformation, and it will last a lifetime.

4) Excuses: People must think I’m naive, but I’ve heard every excuse in the book and can tell what’s B.S and what’s not (even when I don’t say anything). Almost every person I talk to has some excuse as to why they aren’t where they want to be (time, money, health, family, work, etc). If you’re not where you want to be, it’s because of YOU, not your environment. Accept that fact and move toward your goal. [Tough love is needed sometimes…]

5) You have low standards: When you say things like “oh I don’t think I could do this…” or “my whole family is overweight, so I’ll just be like that too”. That just means you have very low standards for yourself when it comes to your health and fitness. The good news? I set¬†very high standards for you all. Fit people are fit because they all hold themselves to a certain standard. It’s not that they were born athletic or lean. They just refuse to accept mediocrity when it comes to their health. You can be that person too. Set high standards. Your standards should be so high that all of your doubters think you’re crazy. Most of us don’t set our goals so high that we miss. In reality, we set our goals so low that we hit…