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Blog: 15 “Don’ts” of Getting Fit

1) Don’t expect to out-train a bad diet. The best training program in the world won’t get you lean if you eat like garbage

2) Don’t attempt exercises that you aren’t comfortable doing. If you’re alone, there’s a good chance you won’t do the exercise correctly. This could lead to injury.

3) Don’t take part in any ‘fad diets’. If you’re unsure what constitutes a fad diet, use this definition: any nutrition program that either defies conventional wisdom, or supports ‘extremes’ of anything.

4) Don’t expect to get results instantly. A healthy change generally takes quite a bit of time and effort.

5) Don’t hate your workouts. If you despise your workouts, you’re less likely to adhere to them. It’s better to find something you truly enjoy. While you may not necessarily look forward to every workout, it’s necessary that you feel good once you’re done.

6) Don’t blame anyone or anything for your current state. You’re destined for failure if you blame genetics, your trainer, your workout routine, etc. for your lack of progress. Accept responsibility and think what YOU can do to get better.

7) Don’t compare yourself to others. Unless you’re around that person 24/7, you really have no idea what they’re doing to get fit. Generally speaking, you get what you put in.

8) Don’t starve yourself. This is the fastest way to destroy your metabolism. The fittest people in the world eat a ton of calories.

9) Don’t listen to friends and family. I know this sounds harsh, and I’m sure they are genuinely trying to help, but the average person (even people in great shape) know very little about body transformation. Talk to a fitness professional.

10) Don’t be perfect. A sure-fire way to fail is to go all out with a strict diet and strict training routine with no wiggle room. Use the Pareto rule. Be healthy and fit conscious 80% of the time. Allow  the other 20% to splurge on things you enjoy (ie. cheat meals, rest days, etc.) Just make sure that 20% doesn’t become 50%.

11) Don’t think there’s a ‘best way’ to get fit. There are so many different things you can do to get in great shape. Find something that you enjoy and can stick with indefinitely. Anyone who tells you that their way is better than everything else is just being closed-minded.

12) Don’t forget that health is the most valuable commodity on Earth. Time and money are meaningless when we’re in bad health. So make sure your health is on the top of your priority list. You make work mandatory; Exercise should be mandatory as well.

13) Don’t wing it. If you don’t have a trainer who preps a workout for you, you should always organize your own workout before hand. Similarly, you should know what and how much you’re going to eat before your day even starts.

14) Don’t stop focusing on continuous growth. The pursuit of growth is a basic need of human fulfillment. Make sure you’re always setting goals, and make sure you always have a plan to reach them. People get bored with fitness when they stop setting goals.

15) Don’t give up. Getting fit is a journey. This means that you’re going to experience both highs and lows. It is crucial that you don’t give up when (not if!) you have a setback or hit a plateau. These things happen to all of us. The difference between the fit and unfit individuals is that the fit person persevered through the struggles when the unfit person quit.